Project to improve, expand upon John’s Market in San Pablo

I’m the contractors, We happy to Make that property look nice
Photo credit: Kathy Chouteau

The property that includes John’s Market in San Pablo is set for an expansion and improvements that will accommodate a new delicatessen preparation counter and sink.

Owners of the mixed-use property at Broadway Avenue and 19th Street recently received Planning Commission approval to expand the property’s grocery store and residential spaces.

The expansion includes the addition of 2,296 square feet of space to the existing single-family residence, including a 1,434 square foot second-story addition to the existing home, and an additional 92 square feet of first-floor living space, according to city documents. The plans also call for a 564-square-foot attached garage, and 206 square feet of new commercial space to the existing grocery store to accommodate the delicatessen components.

The plans also include rear yard improvements to accommodate one open parking space for the commercial component, a trash enclosure, and landscaping, city documents said.

The proposal would increase the lot coverage of the property from the current 32 percent to 44 percent, with the structure covering 2,684 square feet of the 5,968 square foot parcel. The property was built in 1940, before the incorporation of the City of San Pablo. A conditional use permit approved in 1991 subdivided the property into three lots, creating the existing attached commercial store and single-family home on the same lot, and two single-family homes to the south of the current property.

Youcef Bouhedda, a contractor for the owners, said the project will improve the property and make it look nice in the neighborhood.