RFD teaming with Red Cross to install free smoke alarm systems

Richmond firefighters teaming with Red Cross to install free smoke alarm systems
A Richmond Fire Department truck. (Photo credit: Mike Kinney)

The Richmond Fire Department and the Red Cross are teaming up to install free smoke alarm systems in the city this Saturday.

The “Sound the Alarm” event is part of a national Red Cross initiative in May to install free smoke alarms in Richmond homes in order to prevent injury and death from fires, according to the Richmond Fire Department.

Along with free smoke alarms, “firefighters and volunteers will provide home fire safety information to help residents know how to prevent and respond to home fires,” organizers said.

“In a home fire, you may have less than 2 minutes to escape,” fire officials said. “When every second counts, this community education and prevention can save a life.”

Richmond residents who need smoke alarms can call (510) 307-8038 or email
[email protected] to schedule an appointment for a free
smoke alarm installation in their home at any time.

“During a 20-minute home visit, Richmond Firefighters and community partners will install free smoke alarms and share information on the causes of home fires, how to prevent them, what to do if a fire starts and how to create an escape plan.”