Contra Costa County receives $3.5 million for clean transportation programs

Contra Costa County receives $3.5 million for clean transportation programs
Photo courtesy of MCE

By Kathy Chouteau

A partnership between MCE and Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) is bringing clean transportation programs countywide anticipated to reduce more than 50,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

Funded by a $3.5 million California Energy Commission grant and $840,000 in matching funding from MCE and CCTA, the Charge Up Contra Costa Program, “will promote electric vehicle (EV) charging station installations through rebates, EV car sharing, eBike rebates and workforce development,” per a statement from MCE.

In Richmond, the program offers “EV car sharing via Míocar, $500 rebates on eBikes for income-qualified customers and workforce development through program partners RichmondBUILD and Future Build,” per the statement.

MCE Board Director and Contra Costa County Supervisor John Gioia said that the County is “creating a cleaner transportation system to combat climate change and improve our air quality.” He added that they aim to facilitate the ease and convenience with which residents can own/operate an EV and “save hundreds of dollars in fuel every year.” He emphasized that “expanding access to charging infrastructure is critical to increasing the sale and use of zero-emission EVs.”

In its statement, MCE highlighted that driving an EV “can save over $650 in fuel per year” and that gas is more than double the cost of its Deep Green 100 percent renewable energy, “which can be used for clean EV charging.” Underscoring that commuters are six times more likely to drive an EV if their workplace/residence offers charging solutions, MCE said it will “reduce installation and hardware costs at multifamily and workplace properties” by providing rebates of up to $5,500 per EV charging station.

Timothy Haile, Contra Costa Transportation Authority’s executive director said that Charge Up Contra Costa “will reduce our carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions, helping us to create cleaner communities” and added that the transportation authority is “excited to partner with MCE to build clean transportation and foster healthier communities in Contra Costa.”

Learn more about the Charge Up Contra Costa Program here.