Coracao Chocolate hops into spring with an array of Easter offerings


By Kathy Chouteau

Fresh on spring’s arrival, and with the Easter Bunny peeking around the corner, Richmond’s Coracao Chocolate is rolling out its seasonal offerings poised to fill every basket with pink, purple and green bunnies and other delights.

Richmond chocolate enthusiasts who spring into action now can score a 10 percent discount on Easter candy and drinking chocolate, with locals enjoying the added bonus of being able to pick their orders up directly from the company.

According to Daniel Korson, owner of Coracao Confections—the corporate name behind the Coracao Chocolate brand—“chocolate busy season is Halloween through Easter,” with Easter being one of biggest candy holidays of the year for his company.

Coracao Chocolate hops into spring with an array of Easter offerings

Coracao Chocolate’s Easter delights include the Almond Butter Egg with cashew butter, caramel and sea salt flakes on the back, as well as the Salted Caramel Egg and Superberry Egg, which features acai, pomegranate, raspberry and coconut butter and has “tons of antioxidants” said Korson; and Dark Chocolate Bunnies wrapped in pink, green and purple foil. Lest we forget the Tangerine Fudge Hen and a vast assortment of truffles.


Korson said that the Almond Butter Egg and Dark Chocolate Bunnies are the company’s seasonal bestsellers. Coracao Chocolate’s packaging looks just as delicious as its products taste; with the eggs presented in colorful mini egg cartons and an egg pouch case with “Easter grass” as well.

He underscored that what distinguishes Coracao Chocolate’s Easter and other offerings from its competitors is that it’s certified organic and crafted using Fairtrade certified cacao from Peru. Korson said most Easter candy contains dairy and “a lot of it comes from West Africa [and] is not sustainably sourced” and that “there [are] problems with child labor and people not being paid fair wages.”


Coracao Chocolate relocated to Richmond from Oakland last November; Korson said that the new location on Marina Way South has been “an upgrade,” noting the company’s spot close to the waterfront is great and that “the community has been really nice.” He said they’ve “made friends” with people from nearby companies, including nearby neighbor, The Study wine bar, which they hope to partner with on a chocolate and wine event in the future.


To check out Coracao Chocolate’s Easter selections, visit its website here. Online shoppers can select “ship” or “pick-up” on the company’s check out page. Local shoppers can opt to pick up their candy orders directly at Coracao’s location at 1401 Marina Way South, Suite 300, in Richmond (currently there isn’t a sign on the door).

Locals wanting their products shipped to them by Easter can order up until April 13; those beyond the local area have until April 11 to order to receive their products in time for the holiday (April 17). Questions? Contact Coracao Chocolate at 510-984-4848.

Coracao Chocolate hops into spring with an array of Easter offerings