County residents can learn to make worm poop, ‘the best compost’

County residents can learn to make worm poop, 'the best compost'
Photo of brown soil by Joaquin Corbalanl pastor on Scopio.

The Contra Costa County Department of Conservation and Development is inviting community members to a virtual Worm Composting Workshop on Saturday, Oct. 16, from 10 a.m. to noon.

“You will learn how to make your own worm compost,” according to County officials.

The process of using worms to process organic food waste into nutrient food is called vermicomposting (“vermi” is Latin for “worm”).

“Worms eat decaying food waste and produce vermicompost, a very effective soil supplement,” officials said. “The worms will produce both a liquid fertilizer and worm castings (a fancy name for worm poop). Worm poop is the best compost! It is a solid, odor free byproduct of worm digestion. You can periodically collect your worm castings and use them as a soil addition, soil conditioner, or light mulch.”

Todd Sutton, a 29-year expert in the environmental field who has appeared on the Discovery and History channels, will be the instructor for the Worm Composting Workshop.

Composting items such as yard and food waste at home is one tool to divert waste from landfills.

To join the virtual workshop, contact Maureen at (925) 655-2909, email at [email protected], or register on Eventbrite. To learn more about composting or recycling, just go here.