Study finds Richmond most diverse city in the U.S.

Richmond public hearing could determine future of City Council elections
Photo by Kathy Chouteau

By Kathy Chouteau

The Bay Area is the most diverse in the U.S., and guess which city is the most diverse in the Bay Area? Richmond, according to a new study by Finder.

In identifying the most diverse cities in the U.S., Finder reviewed census data for 17 diversity indicators and then sectioned them off into three categories including cultural, socioeconomic and household diversity.

When it came to scoring the cities based on overall diversity, Richmond came out on top of Finder’s diversity index with a score of 62.23. What’s more, Richmond also grabbed a third-place ranking for cultural diversity, scoring 32.6; per Finder, this particular grouping encompasses sex, race, ethnicity, age, language, place of birth and citizenship.

Richmond also showed up as 46th on Finder’s list for socioeconomic diversity, with a score of 18.3—which is determined using educational attainment, income, occupation, industry, class of worker and veteran status scores, per Finder. Richmond rounded out its appearances in Finder’s study with an 11.4 score for household diversity, placing it 33rd in this grouping, which per Finder, considers household type, marital status, family type and family size.

Other cities, in order of appearance, following Richmond as the top ten most diverse cities in the U.S. include, per Finder’s study: Bridgeport, CT; Dale City, VA; Inglewood, CA; San Leandro, CA; Stockton, CA; Antioch, CA; Hayward, CA; Sacramento, CA; and Los Angeles, CA. As this list suggests, California cities represent 51 out of 209 listed on Finder’s diversity index, according to Finder.

View Finder’s full study here.