7 Stars commissions Bay Area artist to install mural facing I-80


By Molly Myman

7 Stars Holistic Healing Center has installed a 10-foot-long mural featuring symbols of peace, love, and cannabis designed by Bay Area artist Guillaume Ollivier and LA artist Daniel Antelo.

The mural, which faces the I-80 freeway, features a triptych design consisting of three universal symbols: peace, love, and an artistic interpretation of cannabis, according to 7 Stars. The cannabis symbol is intended for satirical effect, “simultaneously poking fun at the absurdity of regulating a plant created by nature and embracing the need for consumer and environmental regulations on all industries – including but not limited to cannabis – that can be harmful to consumers and the environment if left unchecked,” according to 7 Stars.

7 Stars installs symbolic mural facing I-80 in Richmond

The design aims to embody the dispensary’s mission “to spread peace and love, and to connect people to the healing powers of the cannabis plant.”

“Celebrating this plant has always been part of our mission,” said Executive Director Zee Handoush. It “continues the legacy of advocacy and education that is central to the work we do,” in conjunction with 7 Stars’ 2020 Keep Hope Alive mural, inspired by its core values of service, responsibility, quality, commitment, and compassion.

7 Stars is located at 3219 Pierce St. in Richmond.