Two teens arrested after allegedly shooting gun near Kennedy High

Two teens arrested after allegedly shooting gun near Kennedy High
One of the firearms seized during the incident. (Photo courtesy of the Richmond Police Department)

Two of three juvenile suspects were arrested after shooting a gun near the Kennedy High campus on Wednesday afternoon, police said.

Police responded to the campus at 4:24 p.m. on a report of three juveniles shooting a gun. No one was injured and the gunfire occurred off campus on Berk Avenue, Richmond police Lt. Matthew Stonebraker said.

One of the police officers who responded to the scene to check the area approached two teenagers at a nearby playground who “quickly ran in the opposite direction,” leading to a pursuit. While the officer broadcast the information, “he could see one of the suspects clutching the waist of his pants, under his baggy clothing,” police said.

Additional responding officers arrived, causing the teen to head back in the direction of the initial officer in pursuit. “As officers converged on the suspect, he threw the gun on the ground, crawled under a car to hide…and was arrested by the officers without incident,” police said.

A second suspect was also located and taken into custody, but the third was not found, police said.

A second fire with an illegal extended magazine was also recovered at the scene.

The teens, who were not identified due to their ages, are not students at Kennedy High, Stonebraker said.