Online fundraiser launched to support Antoine Whittley’s family

Online fundraiser launched to support Antoine Whittley's family
Photo of Antoine's parents (on left) and of Antoine (on right) credited to Adamika Village.

By Molly Myman

An online fundraiser aims to support the family of Antoine Whittley, whose body was recovered from the waters of San Pablo Bay near Point Pinole on July 22, about five months after the 17-year-old went missing.

Helene Burks, Assistant Principal of Kennedy High in Richmond, where Antoine was a student and athlete, organized the fundraiser prior to the discovery of Antoine’s body, and the majority of donations at that time funded a private investigator and have also contributed to the family’s bills and financial needs, as well as travel costs of family from out of town, including Antoine’s father.

Now that Antoine has been found, donations are needed to help the family honor Antoine with a homegoing service.

To donate, visit the GoFundMe here.

Antoine went missing around 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 10 after visiting a friend’s house in Marina Way South. Antoine was last seen on his way home to the Point Richmond area in a rideshare vehicle, when the driver dropped him on the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge roughly ten minutes after picking him up. According to Richmond police, something occurred between Antoine and the driver which led the driver to let Antoine out of the car mid-span of the bridge after he accidentally missed the last Richmond exit. Antoine apparently departed on his own free will, which was verified by cellphone records showing that he talked to a friend while on the bridge. The friend stated that Antoine suspected he was being followed, and the driver reported that he appeared paranoid during their interactions that night.

There has not been any evidence of a crime, and the rideshare driver was not considered a person of interest by police, according to the RPD.