‘God’s Creations Club’ aims to battle bullying, support locals in need

‘Gods Creations Club’ aims to battle bullying, support locals in need
Juan Nunez (at forefront) with fellow volunteers of the new God's Creations Club.

By Mike Kinney

Local boxer and weight-trainer Juan Nunez has started a new organization called God’s Creations Club to teach anti-bullying programs and to raise funds for charities and nonprofit organizations in Richmond.

Nunez is well known in the community as operator of Juan’s Gym at 12718 San Pablo Ave. in Richmond for ten years.

God’s Creations Club was formed three months ago and serves as an extension to Nunez’s two decades of community volunteerism.

The club has already picked up volunteers and aims to establish itself in Richmond prior to expanding to other parts of the Bay Area, Nunez said. The organization in part wants to help teach and create anti-bullying programs in schools, churches and nonprofits, said Nunez, who adds the club has been in contact with the Oakland Police Department on efforts to help patrol streets in Oakland’s Chinatown to prevent acts of violence and bullying in that community.

The club additionally plans to conduct outreach and fundraising to support people experiencing homelessness, suffering from cancer and mental heath issues or who have disabilities, in part through events and the sales of club-related merchandise.

Nunez envision fundraising to support organizations in Richmond supporting youth.

“In these times, everyone is in need of help and that is what we are here for,” Nunez said, adding, “We are all God’s creations, everything in this world, the people, animals, food, water, the ground you walk on He created. You will notice on the Club’s banner we have a huge raven. The raven symbolizes a spiritual re-birth. ‘God’s Creations’ Club has had wonderful spiritual re-birth and re-awaking to see we can clearly make a difference to help serve our community and make a better quality of life for people in Richmond.”

To learn more about the new club and how to get involved, contact Nunez at his Facebook page or (510) 815-1066