RPD’s 2019 ‘Detective of Year’ retires

RPD's 2019 'Detective of Year' retires
Photos of Chris Decious courtesy of the Richmond Police Department.

A veteran Richmond police officer who was named Detective of the Year in 2019 has retired, the Richmond Police Department announced.

Det. Chris Decious served as a cop for 27 years, beginning as an officer with the Vacaville Police Department, where he spent six years before joining the Richmond Police Department in 2000.

Decious was credited with serving in various detective roles, including property crimes, robbery and homicide, and was instrumental in training other officers in various disciplines.

In 2019, he was named Detective of the Year for mentoring young detectives and solving homicides and violent crime. The same year, he received training as a part-time dispatcher in order to support the understaffed Richmond Police Communications Center.

Chris spent his offduty time as a ‘junior dispatcher,’ a title he earned for working 1,450 hours where he fielded over 8,000 emergency calls,” according to RPD.

The department said Det. Decious leaves behind a “large footprint” and that is retirement is well deserved.