Richmond mayor provides update on latest plans for Hilltop Mall

Hilltop Mall is located at 2200 Hilltop Mall Road in Richmond, Calif.

In a recent post on his e-forum newsletter, Richmond Mayor Tom Butt offered a few details on the latest plans for the long-struggling Hilltop Mall.

“A logistics company, Prologis, is buying the whole thing, closing on March 8, except for Walmart (Macy’s leaves on March 30) and plans to build a logistics center there, along with housing, perhaps a Walmart upgraded to include a complete grocery supermarket and some other retail, commercial or industrial uses,” the mayor stated.

Mayor Butt provided these details as part of a separate, lengthier discussion on whether to locate a temporary Safe Parking program for RV dwellers on the mall property.

The mall’s future is of particular interest to Richmond residents who have heard several ambitious plans for the property, but have yet to see any come to fruition.

In 2017, developer LBG Real Estate Cos. purchased the mall property with plans to modernize the shopping center and construct housing, office space and a hotel. Those plans were shelved due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the mayor, who added, “the events that have brought us here are admittedly a shock, but at this time, there are no other prospects” than the current planned sale to Prologis.


  1. The Hilltop community will fight this relentlessly. There are sites that would serve the homeless community far more efficiently than the Hilltop Mall location. None of us want to open our front doors to look upon a homeless RV camp. Mayor Butt and the City Council should prepare for lots of pushback on this especially in lieu of not respecting the community enough to solicit our input.

    • Name them. Name these sites that would serve the homeless community better than the extensive Hilltop parking lots. Go on. I’m waiting…

      • Housing is fine and good and those people that don’t have a home can really use them but I think that location wouldn’t be the best one and Richmond honestly needs more things to do and fun safe places to go.

    • If more had been done FOR the homeless way before it became this severe, then folks wouldn’t have to open their doors to a homeless rv encampment. Those who are forced to live in their vehicles, wouldn’t have to try to find a place on any givin block to try and stay safe. Not everyone homeless lives like those we’ve all seen near the freeways. Homelessness also doesn’t make you a criminal or a drug addict.

  2. This project as proposed has many restrictions. As I heard, it’s one year only. Secondly, no pets and no children. huh?Thirdly, NO community input, including from all the schools (3) right there within walking distance.

  3. No one on the city council or mayor’s office did jack *#$& when the Amazon vans were a noise nuisance. I emailed all of them, no response. I had to hound Amazon over and over so they didn’t blare their alarms at 6am.

    Why should I believe anything the Richmond govt says about being good stewards of this area? I do not believe anything they say. Go have the homeless problem in your yard Tom Butt.

    Tom Butt quotes bible verses about how we should care for the less fortunate. He should concentrate on constituents’ legimiate concerns instead of chastising them.

  4. The Hilltop site isn’t even the 1st, 2nd, or even 3rd choice for the SAFE program per Richmond city staff’s internal analysis. It’s scoring is actually tied for 5th with other sites (!)

    The main difference between the Hilltop site and sites ranked 1-4 is the other sites’ proximity to city services, employees, and politicians. One would think that access to city services, food aid, etc. would be a priority for serving a population in need, despite living in vehicles… which might not be convenient to move and serve as transportation (RVs). But no. It gives the lie to Tom Butt’s self-righteous and Bible-writing claims that this is about helping the homeless.

    This is about getting the homeless OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND, and away from anywhere Richmond’s politicians would ever have to encounter other didn’t want to go out of their way for the photo-op.

  5. I am the most homeless of the homeless I just went from the top of the homeless outreach housing list to nowhere and it was not my fault because I changed cities in the same county so now I’m going to be home forever even though I have disability now and I have to have a payee who does not know what she’s doing nor does she care I’m 51 years old I’m disabled and I’m becoming ill from being outside and I don’t deserve this you should not only care for your less fortunate constituents you should care for everybody but I’m not one to tell anybody what to do I think in RV Park at Walmart in hilltop near schools would be ideal for all of us who are still homeless and don’t deserve to be specially for my daughter and my grandson may definitely don’t deserve to be and I hope they never are again I do anything to get through an RV just to have something to fall back on and so they could be together people don’t know what they’re talking about unless he lived it and I’ve been living it alone for more than 3 years and so as my daughter and we don’t deserve it and my grandson does not deserve it we’re good people and we are equal to everybody else regardless of this temporary situation we’re in we will overcome it but we need help and Walmart is always helped the homeless from what I’ve seen and I think they still will they tend to look the other way when your car gets stuck in the parking lot for a week and I’d like to see them live up to what I believe them to be they’ve been a very big stepping stone in my own personal journey and I think hilltop Mall is a landmark and it deserves to be stepping stone too a lot of people and children too and their pets thank you God bless

    • Children nor pets will be allowed at site and it’s only a temporary site (one year only) and I don’t think ppl would be so against it if they would have included community input into their agenda like they do for other programs and proposals

      • No Children nor pets will be allowed at site and it’s only a temporary site (one year only) and I don’t think ppl would be so against it if they would have included community input into their agenda like they do for other programs and proposals

  6. After many years of half hearted consideration for a solution the mayor pounced on Hilltop at the last minute.
    OMG were going to loose grant money by 3/1/21 if we don’t do something! Ignoring all the work by GRIP and extorting 250k from Prologis to grease the skids of rezoning as our self-righteous mayor blunders on.
    The Hilltop district has no representation on the city council so is it any wonder why back room Butt saw the opportunity to slip it in? With restrictions for the site greater than a typical KOA it will not help the exceptionally hard pressed homeless. However it is most importantly out of sight of city hall and Point Richmond.

  7. I can see this being a safe place as long as the people can use the parking area at the east side of the mall as thats less exposed to wind .The mall has failed to the point where I think this is a good idea for the space as well as dealing with a social service office in lower old Macys for services instead of building space in Hercules -(no brainer ) saving money and providing help where its needed. The Walmart has been and is needed for the underpeivilaged as well as us concience shoppers. I cant imagine anyone really being offended with the homeless there – we have to help and a empty mall or just parking space isnt helping .


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