Richmond mayor provides update on latest plans for Hilltop Mall

Prologis seeks input on future of Hilltop Mall property
Hilltop Mall is located at 2200 Hilltop Mall Road in Richmond, Calif.

In a recent post on his e-forum newsletter, Richmond Mayor Tom Butt offered a few details on the latest plans for the long-struggling Hilltop Mall.

“A logistics company, Prologis, is buying the whole thing, closing on March 8, except for Walmart (Macy’s leaves on March 30) and plans to build a logistics center there, along with housing, perhaps a Walmart upgraded to include a complete grocery supermarket and some other retail, commercial or industrial uses,” the mayor stated.

Mayor Butt provided these details as part of a separate, lengthier discussion on whether to locate a temporary Safe Parking program for RV dwellers on the mall property.

The mall’s future is of particular interest to Richmond residents who have heard several ambitious plans for the property, but have yet to see any come to fruition.

In 2017, developer LBG Real Estate Cos. purchased the mall property with plans to modernize the shopping center and construct housing, office space and a hotel. Those plans were shelved due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the mayor, who added, “the events that have brought us here are admittedly a shock, but at this time, there are no other prospects” than the current planned sale to Prologis.