Online meal train established for teen crash victim’s family

Online fundraiser launched for victim of I-80 car crash
Photo credited to GoFundMe campaign.

By Kathy Chouteau

An online meal train has been established for the family of a teen who was critically injured in a car crash on I-80 on her way home from work at Target.

The victim, identified by family members by her first name, Alyssa, is a high school senior who reportedly suffered major injuries in a collision involving three vehicles on eastbound I-80 just west of Macdonald Avenue in Richmond on the evening of Fri., Sept. 4.

The meal train, which was established by Bre Barry, names Alyssa’s mother, Brandi Flores, as the recipient. Those wanting to help the family have the opportunity to offer home cooked meals or purchase and donate gift cards from Grubhub, DoorDash and restaurants/grocery stores directly from the meal train page. Donors can choose a date on the meal train calendar to cover a meal that day.

“Brandi’s oldest daughter Alyssa was in a car accident on the way home from her job. She is currently hospitalized. Brandi is a dedicated wife, nurse and mom of four. If you can help lighten the family’s load with the gift of a meal, it would be appreciated. Thank you,” stated Barry on the page.

Barry is also providing periodic updates on the meal train page regarding Alyssa’s current health status. As of Sept. 30, Alyssa was still hospitalized and had suffered some right-sided weakness and expressive aphasia earlier in her recovery process.

“The family has deeply appreciated the meals and it’s taken a load off their shoulders and one less thing off their huge to do list,” stated Barry in an update. “If you are able to sign up for an additional day or just share the link, I know they would deeply appreciate it and are grateful.”

To support Brandi Flores and her family with a meal train donation, click here.