Richmond to resume street sweeping citations Oct. 1

575 street sweeping signs proposed for Richmond neighborhoods
In May 2020, Richmond city staff presented several photos, including this one, of vehicles blocking street sweeping ability in the Annex neighborhoods of Richmond.

Starting October 1, the Richmond Police Department Parking Unit will resume issuing citations to vehicles that are not moved for street sweeping, police announced today.

Residents and visitors are asked to move their vehicle during designated street sweeping dates and times. “Even if it appears the street sweeper has already passed by, you may be issued a citation” as parking enforcement officers won’t know when the vehicle was parked there, police said.

“We are resuming issuing citations due to numerous complaints of trash and debris accumulating on the street,” police said. “This is due to the street sweepers not being able to access the streets due to vehicles being parked on them.”


  1. I am curious with families having multiple cars per household and extemely limited parking as it is where are we supposed to park? We are fighting just to get a parking space in front of or near our own homes. And now we have to tey to find parking to avoid a street sweeping cotation? Also the signs have faded so bad we can’t see and don’t remember what the schedule is any more. How can they issue citations in these conditions?


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