Contra Costa County rescinds countywide curfew

Contra Costa County rescinds countywide curfew
Businesses boarded up on 23rd Street on Monday over rumors of protesting and looting in Richmond. (Photo credit: Mike Kinney)

Contra Costa County has rescinded its countywide curfew effective today at 1 p.m.

The curfew, which prohibited citizens who are not public safety personnel from being in the streets and other public areas between the hours of 8 p.m. to 5 a.m., does not impact curfews that may have been issued by cities. Richmond rescinded its curfew on Wednesday.

The county curfew is not needed as “it appears that the public order and safety has generally been restored in Contra Costa County,” said County Administrator David J. Twa, who serves as the county’s Administrator of Emergency Services.

“We all continue to want peaceful protests and encourage everyone to stay safe,” Twa said.

Curfews were set in place as a safety measure due to demonstrations and looting resulting from the killing of George Floyd while in Minneapolis police custody.

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