Covered California enrollment extended, Medi-Cal renewal reviews on hold

Covered California expands enrollment amid COVID-19 pandemic
Photo credit: Covered California

By Kathy Chouteau

There’s some good news for Californians in need of health coverage amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Covered California recently announced that it will extend its special enrollment period to allow uninsured and eligible residents to secure coverage until June 30. Anyone previously unaware of the new state penalty for being uninsured or the new financial assistance available may also apply.

As part of special enrollment, “people who experience a qualifying life event can newly enroll in a health plan through Covered California even outside the open enrollment period,” per Covered California on its website.

“People who already have a plan through Covered California who experience a qualifying life event can change their coverage or choose a new plan.” 

Qualifying life events making Californians eligible during the special enrollment period include losing coverage, moving, getting married/entering into a domestic partnership and having a baby (including adoption and foster care).

For those interested in Medi-Cal enrollment, that option is still available year-round. The state has placed a 90 day hold on Medi-Cal renewal reviews, so those currently enrolled can continue their coverage. Applying for Medi-Cal via the Covered California site is also an option.

To learn more or to apply, click here. Questions? Contact the Covered California Service Center at 1-800-300-1506.