4 Con Fire employees test positive for COVID-19

Contra Costa Fire seeks applicants for firefighter, paramedic recruits
Photo courtesy of the Contra Costa Fire Protection District

Four Contra Costa County Fire Protection District (Con Fire) employees found to have tested positive for COVID-19 are in isolation. Their positive results “have had no adverse impact on operational staffing,” as the employees represent about one percent of its workforce, according to Con Fire.

As of Thursday, 18 Con Fire employees exhibiting symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat and other flu-like symptoms have been tested for the virus. Of them, 12 were confirmed as negative for the virus, while another two were off-duty awaiting their results.

The four employees who tested positive remain isolated and are self-monitoring their symptoms.

Due to COVID-19, Con Fire says it has enhanced safety protocols, including “mandatory use of respirators, gloves, medical gowns and eye protection for any interactions with patients exhibiting symptoms or other warning signs for possible risk of infection.” It has also established procedures for questioning 911 callers in a manner that informs first responders of risks while en route to incidents. 

The safety protocols and procedures, based on Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, are continually monitored by the Fire District Medical Director.

“Critical to continuity of our operations is the ability to protect our crews, and the patients they serve, from inadvertent infection transfer,” Con Fire Chief Lewis T. Broschard III said. “We are confident the actions we have taken are doing just that and eliminating to the maximum extent possible risk of infection transfer.”