BART service changes include earlier departure for first Richmond train

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Photo credit: BART

BART has announced services changes beginning Feb. 10 that include an earlier weekday departure for the first train from Richmond Station.

The first trip on the Orange Line from Richmond to Warm Springs will leave Richmond at 5:03 a.m., which is 17 minutes earlier than the current first departure time, according to BART. Subsequent departures will occur every 15 minutes, similar to the current timing between departures.

On Sundays, BART is returning two-line service into San Francisco by reinstating the Dublin/Pleasanton Blue Line and continuing the Antioch/SFO Yellow Line. Headways on Sundays will be every 24 minutes on all lines, four minutes longer than the current service plan. BART staff “believes this service plan will provide greater predictability and resilience in the event of a service delay,” according to the transit agency.

On Saturdays, BART will add two new Fleet of the Future trains on the Richmond/Millbrae Red Line, Dublin/Pleasanton Blue Line and Antioch/SFO Yellow Line. The Warm Springs/Daly City Green Line will run four of the modern trains.

Other changes involve increasing peak service for Concord riders in the morning and evening, and implementing later evening direct service from San Francisco into Warm Springs.

The new schedule is now available on BART’s Trip Planner and on the BART (Official) App when you plan a trip on or after Feb. 10. Also, PDF’s of the current and new schedule timetables can also be found here.