BART, AC Transit fares increasing Jan. 1

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Photo credit: BART

BART and AC Transit fares are set to increase on Jan. 1.

BART fares will go up by 5.4 percent as part of an inflation-based program first approved by the BART Board of Directors in 2003 and renewed in 2013. The Clipper fare for a short trip from Downtown Berkeley to 19th St./Oakland will increase by 10 cents, per the 5.4 percent increase. The fare for a longer trip like Antioch to Montgomery will increase by 40 cents. To view the new fare chart, click here.

Meanwhile, riders on AC Transit will see a base fare increase of 50 cents starting Jan. 1 as part of a five-year Transbay fare plan adopted last year to pay for service advancements and capital obligations for the Salesforce Transit Center, the transit agency said. For more information on the Transbay five-year fare plan, which includes another 50-cent base fare increase on Jan. 1, 2022, click here.