The Salvation Army heads into BART stations to help homeless

Officials from BART and The Salvation Army promote their new partnership to assist the homeless on the transit system at a San Francisco station. (Photo credit: The Salvation Army)

The Salvation Army’s seasonal “Red Kettle Campaign” has entered BART stations with the aim of raising funds to assist homeless individuals who seek shelter inside the transit system.

As part of the “Partners for Change initiative,” The Salvation Army are positioning their iconic Red Kettles in the free area of stations to collect donations during the holiday season. Meanwhile, BART will post signs inside stations near the vending machines that give change to encourage riders to donate to the program.

Riders can also donate their paper BART tickets with remaining fare, which will be refunded for cash value.  

“The Salvation Army will then work together with BART’s Crisis Intervention Coordinator and homeless outreach teams on distribution of funds for supportive housing, substance abuse treatment, case management, blankets, socks, care packages and other services for unhoused individuals spending their time at BART,” according to BART.

All donated funds will be used locally, so donations collected in the East Bay will stay in the East Bay.

“Our riders have expressed concerns and a willingness to help those experiencing homelessness in our stations and this partnership brings the community together to connect people to beds, supportive services and treatment centers,” said BART Board President Bevan Dufty. “Our various fare machines are also notorious for giving change in all coins. The Salvation Army’s iconic Red Kettle is a perfect place to off load a pocket full of change and unused paper tickets.

To donate online, The Salvation Army has set up