Eater SF calls tacos at 5 Richmond eateries ‘destination-worthy’

Maya's Taqueria staff should be happy to learn their establishment was praised in popular food blog Eater SF recently. (Photo credit: Kathy Chouteau).

Richmond residents have long known that some of the region’s best tacos are served in their city.

They recently received more validation after the popular food bog, EaterSF, identified five establishments in Richmond as serving “destination-worthy tacos.”

The publication highlighted 22 East Bay eateries it says are well-worth traveling to.

“The East Bay counts among its ranks some of the best tacos in the Bay Area — perhaps the best, full stop,” writer Noah Cho states. 

Making the list from Richmond are La Selva Taqueria at 1049 23rd St. (EaterSF recommends the pollo al carbon); Tacos El Chino at 2300 Humphrey Ave. (Lengua and shrimp tacos); Portumex (“classic Mexican-American ground beef tacos with neon cheese and lettuce”); Tacos La Raza (suadero and Buche); Maya Taqueria (al pastor);

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