We toured a luxury cat hotel in Richmond

Julie Pledger is the owner of Mau House, a luxury cat hotel located at 2829 Macdonald Ave., at 29th Street in Richmond.

Julie Pledger was born and raised in the North & East Neighborhood. She grew up playing at Nicholl Park and going to Moo’s Ice Cream. And the cherry on top?

She now runs a unique business in the neighborhood.

Pledger recently made significant improvements to an old medical clinic at 2829 Macdonald Ave., at 29th Street, and turned it into a bright, well-lit luxury cat hotel.

“We are cat-only boarding and cage-free,” Pledger said about her new business, Mau House Cat Hotel.

The hotel offers rooms of different sizes with windows. They are furnished in an effort to allow cats ample space to climb, play and sleep comfortably. One of the rooms we saw had a shelf installed up against a window to allow cats to peer out onto 29th Street.

“People can bring their own scratching posts, beds, anything to make the stay more comfortable,” Pledger said.

Who needs such a hotel? Anyone going on vacation or business trips, or during disruptive periods at home, like loud construction and Thanksgiving parties.

Rooms start at $35 per cat and go up to $65, with each additional cat per room costing $10 each.

Pledger says she enjoys her neighbors and was pleased to receive their support.

In a letter of support to the Planning Commission, Jan Mignone, president of the North & East Neighborhood Council, welcomed the new business that will “fill a need in the neighborhood.”