CHP busts another dummy on Contra Costa County highway

Photo credit: CHP

The California Highway Patrol reported an unsettling exchange with the passenger of a vehicle pulled over on Highway 4 today.

“She just oddly stared at us while we issued her chauffeur a ticket for a carpool violation,” the CHP stated on social media.

For a second time this month, CHP – Contra Costa has reported pulling over passengers in the county that used dummies to cheat carpool lane rules requiring a minimum of two passengers.

On July 11, a busted driver told CHP he’s gotten away with a dummy passenger for carpool for more than two years.

Last night, KTVU-Ch. 2 reported on a crackdown on carpool lane violators along Highway 4 today. Then today, KTVU reporter Cristina Reardon reported on Twitter that officers wrote about 75 carpool violation citations from Brentwood to Concord. She also said one driver had watched the news station’s report but still committed the violation, wanting to get to work on time.