Richmond police report 58 percent drop in fireworks-related calls

Richmond police report 58 percent drop in fireworks-related calls
Confiscated fireworks photo courtesy of the Richmond Police Department.

Richmond police today reported a 58 percent drop in fireworks-related calls for service on the Fourth of the July as compared to last year.

During the entire night, the Shotspotter gunshot detection system activated just once to notify RPD of a firearm discharge, police said.

RPD also confiscated a total of 200 pounds of fireworks on the Fourth, police said.

Richmond has historically seen high volumes of fireworks and celebratory gunfire activity, but in recent years Police Chief Allwyn Brown has credited increased patrols and public outreach and awareness campaigns for reducing incidents.

“We aim to increase awareness of the injuries and damages caused by illegal fireworks through information sharing with the community,” police said.

Of course, as every year, there are likely to be residents who felt activity was just as heavy, given the experience in their neighborhood. Last year, even when Chief Brown touted progress, Mayor Tom Butt called it business as usual from the displays he could see from his Point Richmond home.


  1. Are you serious? If call numbers dropped it’s because we’ve learned nothing comes of calling anyway. The excuse given is always “we don’t have enough officers.”


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