Stolen puppy returned to San Pablo rescue shelter

Photos credited to Jelly's Place

We recently told you about Jelly’s Place Animal Rescue of San Pablo holding adoption events for dogs at Pet Food Express locations in Pinole and Lafayette.

Turns out that ended in a whirlwind after a puppy was stolen at the Lafayette event, only be to be found nearly a week later after a Facebook photo campaign led to a San Francisco sheriff’s deputy spotting the pooch while on patrol in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district.

ABC7 News reports that 4-month-old puppy, Iris, was nabbed by a woman at the adoption event in Lafayette on Sunday, May 26.

A Facebook campaign was launched, it spread throughout social media and thankfully a woman forwarded the campaign to her boyfriend, a senior San Francisco sheriff’s deputy. The deputy spotted Iris while on patrol Saturday, noting the small puppy matched the puppy from the Facebook photos. Iris was found with a homeless person on a street corner in the Tenderloin, but not with the person who stole her, the news report states.

Julie Bainbridge, founder of Jelly’s Place, holds Iris.

Iris was subsequently returned to Jelly’s Place, and, according to ABC7, this story’s happy ending could become even happier as the sheriff’s deputy is considering adopting her.

Jelly’s Place founder Julie Bainbridge showed the world on Facebook an elated Iris returned to safety. Bainbridge said she could finally get a good night’s rest knowing Iris is OK. Today, she reported that the dog napper has been apprehended.

Heartwarming stories are a common occurrence at Jelly’s Place. Want to experience one?

Visit the San Pablo shelter, meet the animals and consider either adopting or making a donation. All the info can be found at the Jelly’s Place website.

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