Point Richmond photo exhibit recalls Loma Prieta quake as anniversary approaches

Point Richmond exhibit recalls Loma Prieta quake as anniversary approaches
Photographer Bob Colin. (Photo courtesy of the artist)

By Kathy Chouteau

As the 32nd anniversary of the Loma Prieta earthquake approaches Oct. 17, a new exhibition by Point Richmond photographer Bob Colin is being unveiled featuring photos of that fateful day.

The exhibition, on display at the Point Richmond Post Office now through Jan. 4, includes images of the ’89 earthquake taken by Colin when he was employed by Caltrans.

“Particularly poignant images include an aerial view of the pancaked Cypress Freeway and an image of the bridge being reconstructed shortly afterward,” said Rita Gardner of Arts of Point Richmond, the organization sponsoring the exhibition. 

Aside from his photos stemming from the historic event, Colin’s exhibition also includes current portraits of Point Richmond artists, as well as images he recently self-published in his book Chance.

According to the photographer, when it comes to his work he said he’s “guided by a sense of what engages, amuses or entertains” him and he hopes that “it might affect others in the same way.”

Colin, who worked thirty years as a corporate photographer for the State of California, retired in 2001 and now focuses his efforts on fine art photography.

“Life is a balance of all things important and when art happens, it’s truly a beautiful moment,” he said.

Colin’s exhibition can be viewed at the Point Richmond Post Office at 104 Washington Ave., Point Richmond. 

For more info about the artist, click here or contact him at [email protected]. To learn more about Arts of Point Richmond, a community association that provides support, appreciation and exposure for the arts, click here.