Proposal would turn Franklin Canyon Golf Course into camping resort

Proposal would turn Franklin Canyon Golf Course into camping resort
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A proposal under review in Hercules aims to replace the Franklin Canyon Golf Course with a campground resort featuring 160 RV spaces, 22 walk-in campsites with tent bungalows, an 18-hole putting green and a new clubhouse that includes dining facilities, a fitness and wellness center and outdoor swimming pool.

While the 18-hole golf course would be eliminated as part of the project, the existing driving range would remain. The project also features open areas for recreation, including playgrounds, pickle ball courts and horseshoe pits.

“The project would remove the existing two-story 7,200-square-foot clubhouse and replace it with a new two-story 10,500-square-foot clubhouse with employee housing on the second story,” according to the project plans. “Other proposed facilities would include a 2,500-square-foot maintenance building, a 120-square-foot security and information building, and 50 covered RV storage spaces (approximately 27,000-square-feet; distinct from the 160 RV active camping spaces).”

The project site totals 161.95 acres. About 70 of the 75 acres currently used as the westernmost nine holes of the golf course would be deeded to John Muir Land Trust (JMLT) for use as public open space. “This part of the parcel is relatively flat with existing golf cart paths that could be used for hiking, biking, and equestrian trails,” according to project plans. Also, about 5 acres on the northeastern corner of the site would be leased to the JMLT for a community garden.

Last week, the city of Hercules released an environmental impact report for the proposed project, which is set to be reviewed by the city’s Planning Commission meeting tonight at 7 p.m. 

The Initial Study and Proposed Mitigated Negative Declaration are available for public review here.

Construction on the project is anticipated to start in October and continue for at least four months.


  1. Why would they do this? The course is getting more rounds than it has in a decade. This is clearly someone or a group with an anti-golf agenda. What a joke.

  2. My father played Franklin in the 60s and I’ve played it with my friends for 25 years off and on. Just played again with my group of 24. I hate it and I love it. I will miss it. Nothing quite like it around here. I don’t think city economics should trump all, but I’m not on the council. I commute 45 minutes to play. My voice is but a faint plea.
    I do think it’s worth a long, hard look, considering how covid has shown golf is the only outdoor active sport all generations can enjoy in a pandemic, which accounts for its explosive growth in the past year. I suspect this popularity will be generational. At least pause to reach out to all your constituents and gather their input before deciding.


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