Mindy Pines’ works featured in exhibition at Pt. Richmond post office

Mindy Pines' works featured in exhibition at Point Richmond post office
Photo contributed by the Arts of Point Richmond.

The Arts of Point Richmond has announced a new exhibition at the U.S. Post Office branch in Point Richmond.

Mindy Pines’ photographic images and mixed media can be viewed through the windows of the Post Office at 104 Washington Ave. through Jan. 5, 2021.

“Mindy enjoys capturing people, ways of life and diversity, using an iPhone to document what she sees in Richmond and beyond,” according to the Arts of Point Richmond. “She finds beauty in grit, layers, and textures, and likes images to tell human stories, whether people are in the frames or not. Since Covid shelter-in-place, she is exploring mixed media to bring out moments and feelings from within.”

Arts of Point Richmond is a community association established to enrich our community by providing support, appreciation, and exposure for the arts. For more information, go to www.artsofpointrichmond.com.