Point Richmond art installation beckons us to discover art outdoors

Point Richmond art installation beckons us to discover art outdoors

By Kathy Chouteau 

A new outdoor art installation in Point Richmond is making it possible for people to still enjoy art even amid the age of COVID.

Arts of Point Richmond’s art banner installation “Taking It Outdoors Preview,” is available for viewing throughout the hamlet’s downtown area now through Sept. 1.

Described by Arts of Point Richmond as “a perfect safe, fresh air adventure,” the outdoor installation includes 14 poster-like art pieces adorning walls and other locations along Washington Street and Park Place in Point Richmond. Without a map of the installations, it’s a fun game of cat-and-mouse to locate the different pieces, which sometimes are placed slightly off the beaten path.

Art banner locations are as eclectic as the art they represent, with installations to be discovered at the Hotel Mac, fire station and dry cleaners, as well as on gates, walls, windows and such.

Artists including—but not limited to—George Tomberlin; Fred Martin; Rita Gardner; Denise Vejby; Susan Shore; Penelope Ansthruther & Betsy Kellas; Bette Tarr; Nancy Whitley; Sharon Taylor-Ward; Cherie Carter; Judy Rattner; and Abigail Bok have art banners as part of the installation.

The show is the brainchild of Arts of Point Richmond members Kenoli Oleari and Sharon Goods. COVID-cautious volunteers Dee and Ward Bell; Bob Colin; George Tomberlin; Oleari; and Goods selected and hung the works.

Per organizers, the project was originally scheduled to happen on a much grander scale this summer with 50 artists and 100 banners, however, COVID threw a curveball into their plans. The larger installation has been rescheduled for next summer, while the “Preview” happens this summer.

Learn more about the Taking It Outdoors Preview here. To inquire about purchasing originals or prints of the art on display, email [email protected].