Point Richmond post office features fused glass art exhibition

Artist Jan Chleboun, (Photo credit: Arts of Point Richmond)

Starting May 5 through June 22, visitors of the Point Richmond post office at 104 Washington Ave. to see a new display of fused glass art by Jan Chleboun.

According to the Arts of Point Richmond, “Jan Chleboun has been passionate about the color and texture of glass for years. She enjoys the challenges of glass with the rudimentary old tools and the alchemy of the extreme heat kilns. Her craft has evolved along with glass art technology and she enjoys the possibilities of hot glass. She’s “happy ever after” when pieces fire correctly. Contact Jan at [email protected].”

Arts of Point Richmond is a community association established to enrich our community by providing support, appreciation, and exposure for the arts. For more info: www.artsofpointrichmond.com