Top current Richmond rappers named in national website

National publication names top current Richmond rappers
Richmond rapper Pooh Hefner stars in the music video about his song, Goldy. The rapper was among those named as influential in the urban news publication Real Streetz.

The Richmond rap scene received much love in an article that’s bouncing around social media.

The Real Streetz, a website covering urban environments in the U.S., released a list of Top Richmond Rappers.

Such a list comes with high esteem, as Real Streetz rightly credited Richmond for producing many of the pioneers that have elevated the Bay Area rap music scene since the 1980s.

“Richmond CA rappers like Cool-E, Master P, Big Ed, Lil Ric, Frontline, Magic Mike, Calvin T, Filthy Phil, Laroo The Hard Hitta are some of the many Bay Area pioneers and legends,” the article states.

The article then goes on to name some of the current rappers that are continuing to elevate the game. Thirteen rappers were named (but not ranked), including Pooh Hefner, Lil Sheik and Tay Way. Click into the article for the full list of Richmond rappers, and note that the article states there are more not named.

Looks like we’re in good hands with the next generation of artists.