Video! 8 criminal complaints forwarded to DA after sideshows

Where most sideshows happen in Richmond
Sideshow from a 2019 incident in West County, courtesy of CHP

Criminal complaints against eight individuals were forwarded to the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office following three separate sideshows that occurred Sunday, Aug. 11, according to the California Highway Patrol.

In the afternoon, CHP responded to reports of vehicles spinning doughnuts on Franklin Canyon Road near McEwen Road, just south of state Highway 4 near Martinez. While Martinez police dispersed the sideshow, CHP stopped a vehicle, a silver Mustang, but eventually released the driver over a lack of evidence.

A few hours later, CHP aircraft responded to reports of a sideshow in Rodeo, where that very same silver Mustang was seen spinning doughnuts before spectators. A Mazda was also caught on tape spinning doughnuts. CHP said dozens of spectators prevented officers’ ability to bust those responsible, but with help from the video they were able to identify both the driver of the Mustang, who they had only recently contacted, and also the Mazda’s driver.

The sideshow action for the day wasn’t over, however, as another was reported on Cummings Skyway between Crokett and I-80. In that incident, three drivers and three spectators were detained and cited for participating or aiding and abetting in the illegal activity. CHP attributed the bust to the assistance, again, of its aircraft, which guided authorities to the scene and captured video evidence.

“The lesson here is that even if you don’t see us, it doesn’t mean we aren’t there,” CHP reported on Facebook.

High definition aerial recordings “makes GREAT evidence in court,” the CHP added.