Rally to reopen WCCUSD schools happening Friday

Rally to reopen WCCUSD schools happening Friday
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By Kathy Chouteau

A coalition of parents, students and other stakeholders comprising the West Contra Costa Safe Open Schools (WCCSOS) that supports reopening schools said it will hold a rally prior to a special West Contra Costa Unified School District (WCCUSD) Board of Education meeting this Friday.

The WCCSOS’s rally will be held Fri., Feb. 26 from 4:30-5:30 p.m. on the Southeast Corner of Cutting Boulevard & San Pablo Avenue by the El Cerrito Del Norte BART Station and will “call for the school district to prioritize kids and move quickly to safely open schools.” Plans for the rally come amid opposition from other interested parties [see the WCCUSD’s Facebook page] and the district’s own ongoing practice of hosting remote meetings to protect the health and safety of participants.

County Supervisor John Gioia and other elected officials are expected by the group to be in attendance.

The rally will precede the aforementioned special WCCUSD Board of Education ‘Listening Session’ Zoom meeting Fri., Feb. 26 at 6 p.m., which—according to its agenda—will include an update from the WCCUSD on COVID-19 and schools, as well as an opportunity for public comment.

Contact wccsafeopenschools@gmail.com for more info about the rally.


  1. Mister Phillips is notorious for playing devil’s advocate at every single WCCUSD board meeting. In fact, his antics make our board appear wear and immature. Mister Phillips has many children of his own, perhaps he is tired of having them at home? He keeps comparing data from districts and parts of the world that have much lower rates of infection, higher budgets to spend on reopening schools safely, and families who tend to live in one generation homes.
    WCCUSD has a plan to reopen safely in the Fall but there are some key components that need to be ironed out. I understand that staying home is not ideal, but at this point in the school year and with teachers and frontline staff not yet vaccinated – we just need to wait until Fall so we can reopen schools safely. I highly encourage people to not follow this man’s lead because leader’s don’t have their best interest at heart, they maintain the best interest of those who they lead.

  2. Angela S. We can’t wait until the FALL!!
    Every other district is open. Every other state has some form of real school. This is ridiculous. IF you want to keep your kids home, FINE. DO IT. But don’t let the rest of us suffer because of your fears that are NOT based on SCIENCE, Go visit some of the modified schools now – I dare you – see how they are doing it safely!

  3. Mister Phillips is smart and a great leader. Gonzales- Hoy doesn’t give a hoot about parents. His priority is the teachers UNION. That’s where he’s based. Not the kids. Reckler is great but she too, just like Hoy, is run and ordered around by the UNION. WHo elected her. WHO will care about the mental and physical health of our children??????????


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