CCC expanding online courses, degrees and certificates

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Contra Costa College campus

Using a state grant, Contra Costa College is set to invest $461,000 into improving and expanding its online courses, degrees and certificates, with a focus on bolstering career education programs that prepare students for jobs or advancement in high-demand careers.

The grant from California Community College’s Improving Online CTE Pathways Grant Program will bolster courses in 20 career education areas — some of which prep students for the workforce in a semester of less, and others preparing students for transfer with two-year associate degrees.

The grant also intends to bolster the student success rate in online courses through student preparation programs and training and support from CCC faculty.

“Our ultimate goal is increasing access,” said Contra Costa Community College District Associate Vice Chancellor of Educational Services Kelly Schelin, who helped secure the grant funding. “We’re doing this for everyone, but especially for students who work, or need to schedule classes around family constraints or other commitments. Online courses are much more flexible in that way. They also save students time and money, because they don’t have to go to campus for every class meeting.”

For information on CCC’s online course offerings and to sign up, visit here. To see what type of career education programs are offered at CCC, go here.



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