Animal Services thanks community for easing shelter overpopulation

Animal Services thanks community for easing shelter overpopulation crisis
Bowen, a neutered male, black and white Pit Bull Terrier, is currently up for adoption at the Martinez shelter. (Photo courtesy of CCAS)

Contra Costa Animal Services today thanked the local community for helping to mitigate an overpopulation of animals in its shelter. But CCAS says it is still acting with urgency due to an increased intake at the Martinez shelter.

Since CCAS issued an urgent plea for help in the community last Wednesday, 79 dogs and 34 cats have been adopted, welcomed into a foster home, reunited with their family, or sent on a new journey with a local rescue organization, according to the County agency.

Because of this response, no healthy or treatable dogs were at risk of being euthanized, and CCAS’s dog population at the shelter was reduced from 180 to 124 as of Saturday night, according to CCAS.

“We’ve been inspired by the hundreds of responses we’ve received to our call to action,” says CCAS Director, Beth Ward. “It was heartwarming to see people responding with kindness, support, and compassion. The unwavering support, whether through adoption, fostering, support of our staff and volunteers, or simply people spreading the word, has made an immeasurable difference in the lives of these animals.”

Depsite this success, CCAS currently has over 120 pets seeking permanent or temporary homes and all adoptions are currently free.

Interested adopters and fosters can view CCAS’s available pets at, or come to meet them at the CCAS adoption center in Martinez. A $25 licensing fee may apply for pet adoptions.

The CCAS Adoption Center is located at 4800 Imhoff Pl. in Martinez. Hours are Tuesday -Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Wednesday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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Ways to Help

  • Adopt a pet locally from a shelter or rescue.
  • Become a foster, open your home to a shelter animal. Change their life.
  • Volunteer to help animals in our community by giving your time and skills.
  • Say thank you to the staff and volunteers that work tirelessly at the local shelter or rescues.
  • Become a fan on social media and help share their stories.
  • Get crafty, create kitty toys or eye-catching posters to help animals find their forever home.
  • Donate items that the local shelter and rescues need to help the animals.
  • Support responsible pet ownership, help keep animals out of the shelter.
  • Donate to a local shelter or rescue