Ferry passengers now required to show proof of fare when boarding

San Francisco Bay Ferry has introduced a new ticketing system for all non-Clipper fare payment through the new San Francisco Bay Ferry app. Tickets for regular service or special event (Giants, Warriors, etc.) ferry service are now available directly via the app in addition to real-time ferry information. Rider alerts and push notification within the app are coming soon. You are now able to purchase ferry tickets directly from the San Francisco Bay Ferry website. As a result of this launch which went into effect July 19, Vallejo ferry passengers are now required to show proof of fare payment at the end of their ride as opposed to at the beginning. This means that upon exiting the ferry at their destination, all passengers on all routes are now required to do one of the following: Tag their Clipper card/app (Clipper users should also tag on when boarding the ferry) Show a mobile ticket Present a paper ticket This flow now matches the current disembarkation process for all other San Francisco Bay Ferry routes. There is no change to this flow for Oakland & Alameda, Richmond, Harbor Bay, Alameda Seaplane or South San Francisco passengers. For Vallejo riders, we are closely monitoring this change while passengers and crew members adjust to this new fare validation flow. We appreciate your patience and are working to do everything we can to make it as smooth a transition as possible. Additional Changes Now in Effect ► As of July 19, paper tickets are scanned upon disembarkation instead of being torn. ► All valid San Francisco Bay Ferry tickets held in the Passage: Transit Ticketing app have been automatically migrated to the new SF Bay Ferry app. Ticketholders should log in with the same email they use for their Passage account. ► As of July 19, the Vallejo Ferry Ticket Office is no longer selling paper tickets or processing cash transactions of any kind. In addition to purchasing tickets via the San Francisco Bay Ferry app, tickets are also being sold onboard the ferry – riders no longer need to visit the ticket office before boarding the ferry. Ticket office staff are continuing to provide information and process debit/credit card transactions for Clipper through August 14. We strongly encourage passengers to add a Clipper card to their smartphone to be able to instantly load value themselves via the Clipper app. The $3 fee for new Clipper mobile cards is currently being waived.
San Francisco Bay Ferry by Kathy Chouteau.

The San Francisco Bay Ferry is now requiring passengers to show proof of fare when boarding the ferry rather than when disembarking it. The new policy aims to speed up the disembarkation process at ferry terminals, the transit agency said.

This doesn’t change anything for Clipper users, who tag on when boarding the ferry and tag off when exiting. Passengers with mobile tickets from the San Francisco Bay Ferry app should activate their tickets when queued up and show it to the deckhand at the gate as you board, officials said.

Paper ticket holders should hand their tickets to the deckhand at the gate when boarding.

Upon disembarkation, passengers will not be checked for tickets, although Clipper users will still need to tag off to ensure they are charged the correct fare. Those who only tag on get charged the highest fare route, which is currently Vallejo at $9.30.

“We strongly recommend using Clipper or the San Francisco Bay Ferry app so that you can fully enjoy the ride and not have to wait in a second line to get a ticket,” officials said.