$25.5M grant supports AC Transit plans to add hydrogen fuel cell buses

AC Transit hydgrogen fuel cell bus.

AC Transit is closer to procuring 25 new state-of-the-art hydrogen fuel cell buses and to developing a state-of-the-art training and education center called Zero Emissions Bus University, thanks to a new $25.5 million grant via the Federal Transit Administration’s 2023 Bus and Low-and No-Emission Grant Awards (Low-No Grant).

The newly-awarded Low-No Grant aims to support projects that tangibly demonstrate building a greener and more sustainable public transportation future, according to AC Transit.

Due to the new grant funding, AC Transit needs just $8 million more to procure the 25 additional hydrogen fuel cell buses. As of this year, AC Transit operates 58 battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell electric buses, according to AC Transit Board President Joel Young.

Of the grant funds, $16 million will cover the design and construction toward transitioning AC Transit’s aging Training and Education Center into a 21st Century learning lab called Zero Emissions Bus University, or ZEB U. The project carries an overall cost of $18 million. AC Transit said it would diligently pursue opportunities to secure the remaining $2 million.

AC Transit anticipates adding the new coaches to revenue service and completing Zero Emission Bus University in 2026.

Another $1.3 million from the $25 million grant award will go to workforce development to support its zero emissions future.

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