Fire Wings in Pinole offering reusable takeout container

Fire Wings takes flight toward reducing single-use plastics
Photo courtesy of the city's flyer.

By Kathy Chouteau

Saving the planet gives you wings, according to Fire Wings, a Pinole-based eatery that recently kicked off a collaboration with FoodWare to reduce its single-use plastics.

Here’s how it works, according to FoodWare: Customers pick-up their order at Fire Wings and the meal is served in a reusable FoodWare box; customers download the app to scan the QR code and enjoy the meal waste-free; and finally, after their Fire Wings meal, customers can return the FoodWare container to the eatery or other FoodWare hub.

The City of Pinole noted on a Facebook post that a small fee is associated with the reusable takeout container, but it will be credited back to customers once they return the container to Fire Wings.  

“Please participate in this zero-waste system and provide your feedback to support a cleaner and healthier Pinole. Thank you in advance,” stated the City.

Fire Wings, which is located at 1424 Pinole Valley Rd. in Pinole, serves up 20 flavors of wings with beer on tap, along with sides like seasoned fries, chili cheese tots and much more. Check out the menu here.