Richmond police warn about return of ‘ATM-style’ robberies

Richmond police investigate homicide on Pullman Avenue
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The Richmond Police Department said it noticed a return of the ATM-style robberies over the weekend where thieves will follow victims to their car after they use one of the cash machines to steal money and valuables.

The thieves are usually looking for valuables and purses that are left on the car seat after the victim uses the ATM machine, and they will smash the window to get to those items, police said.

“We’ve seen several cases where they will follow cars for several blocks,” police said.

The RPD is advising residents to be aware of their surroundings when using an ATM machine. “Don’t sit in your car parked after you’ve finished a transaction,” police said.

And if you see something suspicious, call the non-emergency number at (510) 233-1214 #0.