Reentry Success Center to unveil ‘Art of Peace Richmond’ sculpture

Reentry Success Center to unveil ‘Art of Peace Richmond’ sculpture
Photos courtesy of Artist Maxon McCarter.

By Kathy Chouteau

Richmond’s Reentry Success Center (RSC), which helps justice-impacted people and their families with free services, is unveiling an “Art of Peace Richmond” sculpture 11 a.m. Sat., April 29 at the center, 912 Macdonald Ave. in Richmond.

The sculpture, the creation of which was led by artist Maxon Zorro McCarter and members of RSC’s Restorative Art Program, was made using decommissioned firearms from Richmond buyback programs and guns obtained as evidence in statewide California crimes, per Rubicon Programs, which runs RSC.

The first of its kind in Richmond, this installation is the latest in a series of Art of Peace projects completed across the Bay Area. Rubicon Programs said in a statement that the public art “will be an enduring reminder about the impacts of all types of gun violence in our community, as well as symbols of community healing that open conversations focused on unity and peace for all.”

Rubicon Programs said that one of RSC’s members helped design the artwork due to his strong connection to the center and Richmond. The member was contacted by the Director of the RSC Pat Mims post-incarceration in September 2020, and was encouraged by him to “connect with the men’s group, Restorative Art Program, and other resources.”

The RSC member said he “trusted Pat because of all the support the RSC gave me after I got out” and said he thinks he designed a piece “that really represents the entire City of Richmond.”

The sculpture was a team effort at every turn, with guns being donated by the Robby Poblete Foundation and Art of Peace Richmond being a community service project of the Rotary Club of Richmond, said Rubicon Programs. Bridge Storage, Arts and Events stepped up with studio space and storage, while grant funding was provided by the Rotary District 5160 Foundation.

At the sculpture’s unveiling, Rubicon’s CEO, Dr. DC Dorham-Kelly, will give remarks, as well as member artists and other key collaborators in this project. For more info, or to reserve your free spot, click here.