Public urged not to enter closed East Bay parks

Public urged not to enter closed East Bay parks
Photo courtesy of EBRPD.

The East Bay Regional Parks District is urging the public not to enter closed parks or areas with caution tape due to storm-caused safety hazards such as downed trees, falling branches, flooding and mudslides.

Public safety personnel and equipment may not be able to respond easily to emergencies due to road and trail conditions. The majority of East Bay Regional Parks have been closed since Jan. 4 due to recent storms and conditions. Only some shoreline and delta parks are currently open. See list

Entering closed parks not only risks your safety, but also those of first responders.

“Help keep yourself and first responders safe by staying out of closed parks,” said East Bay Regional Park District Fire Chief Aileen Theile. “It may not seem unsafe, but the dangers and the potential for injury or loss of life are real.”

Anyone entering Regional Parks when closed is subject to citation or arrest for violation of the Park District’s Ordinance 38.