Sheriff’s Office ‘overwhelmed’ with carry concealed weapon permit applications

Sheriff's Office 'overwhelmed' by concealed weapon permit applications
Photo courtesy of the Contra Costa County Sheriff's Office.

The Contra Costa Sheriff’s Office says it’s “overwhelmed” by carry concealed weapon (CCW) permit applications in the wake of a Supreme Court ruling in New York last summer.

The Sheriff’s Office used to get 20 CCW permit applications per month. Now, there’s a backlog of over 1,000 CCW applications, the Sheriff’s Office said.

The backlog is due to the Supreme Court decision on June 23 to strike down New York State’s requirement that applicants show a compellng need to carry a concealed weapon in public when applying for a CCW license. The Court found the restriction unconstitutional.

The ruling impacts similar restrictions in other states that require applicants to demonstrate “good cause,” including California.

Since the ruling, the Sheriff’s Office says it has been “inundated by requests for CCW permits.” 

To address the backlog, the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors recently approved additional sergeant and specialist positions. The positions are in the process of being filled.

The application for CCW is a multi-step process that requires a detailed application, California Department of Justice fingerprints, background check, interview, and training class, according to the Sheriff’s Office. A fee of $160 is paid after the applicant completes the training class. In addition to new applications, the Sheriff’s Office handles the ongoing renewals for about 500 current CCW holders.

“We regret the delay and are processing applications as quickly as possible,” the Sheriff’s Office said.