Free ‘Catalytic Converter Etching Event’ set for Pinole residents

Photo courtesy of the Pinole Police Department

By Kathy Chouteau

The Pinole Police Department is teaming up with Square Deal Garage to host a free “Catalytic Converter Etching Event” for Pinole residents Sat., Aug. 13 from 8-10 a.m. in the front parking lot of the Public Safety Building at 800 Tennent Ave. in Pinole. Appointments are not needed.

According to Natasha Valdepena, a community safety specialist and public information officer for the Pinole Police Department, etching serial numbers on a car’s catalytic converter “makes them easier to recover” when law enforcement track down the thieves. “Just last week we had ten catalytic converter thefts reported.”

She added that, while this time around the etching event is only open to Pinole residents, the police department may open it up to outside regions in the future.

Pinole residents can also get in on free bumper stickers featuring the outline of a cat with the message: “Warning: This cat has been etched.” The bumper stickers, which aim to act as a deterrent against catalytic converter thefts, are available in the aforementioned Public Safety Building’s front lobby now.

Questions? Contact the Pinole Police Department at 510-724-8950.