San Pablo launches online survey, taking extra steps to hear from community


The City of San Pablo is inviting everyone who lives, works, runs a business, or attends school in San Pablo to share their ideas on critical issues facing the community. San Pablo is updating its long-range plan (called the General Plan) to set out future land uses, expand housing and job options, address housing affordability, and improve quality of life and community services. Hearing from a broad cross section of community members is important to ensure the Plan reflects local priorities and preferences. Recognizing that people lead busy lives and cannot come together in person during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the City has launched an interactive map-based online survey. To collect input from as many community members as possible, the City is conducting the survey in English and Spanish and is offering prizes for participation. Participants could win one of three $100 Visa gift cards just for sharing their opinion.

The deadline for responses is February 13 and the survey should take 10-15 minutes.

As in other cities across California, rents and home prices are rising rapidly in San Pablo. State law also requires the City plan for at least 746 new homes by 2031 to keep pace with housing demand. As a small city with few vacant properties, San Pablo’s limited land must also accommodate parks, schools, and businesses. Community input is essential to strike a careful balance, and the General Plan Update is an opportunity for community members to inform the city’s future by indicating where new housing, jobs, and shopping should be located and how to best achieve other community objectives like increasing workforce training opportunities, improving neighborhood safety, and expanding recreation programs for youth and seniors. Updating the General Plan will take about 12 months and it is expected to be complete in December 2022.

Please take this survey to make sure the Plan reflects the priorities of the community:

Contact [email protected] or call 510-215-3030 for more information.

Image and report provided by the City of San Pablo