‘All available CHP officers’ to be on patrol Thanksgiving weekend

All available CHP officers to be on patrol Thanksgiving weekend
Photo credit: CHP

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) announced Monday that all available officers will be on patrol for Thanksgiving weekend.

The “Maximum Enforcement Period” starts 6:01 a.m. Wednesday and continues to just before midnight Sunday, according to the CHP.

“During the MEP, all available CHP officers will be on patrol, looking for unsafe driving practices, including seat belt violations, speeding, distracted driving, and signs of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs,” the CHP said.

During the 2020 Thanksgiving enforcement period, 33 people died on roadways within CHP jurisdiction. Of them, 14 were not wearing seatbelts. The CHP also made 868 arrests for DUI during this period last year.

Thanksgiving weekend is traditionally one of the busiest travel times of the year, the CHP said.

“Wherever you choose to celebrate this Thanksgiving, drive safely,” CHP Commissioner Amanda Ray said. “When getting behind the wheel, make certain you and all your passengers buckle up before heading out, and remember to always avoid distractions.”