Temporary bus stop and bike lane coming to San Pablo intersection

Temporary bus stop, bike lane and crosswalk coming to San Pablo intersection
Image courtesy of City of San Pablo

A temporary bus stop, bike lane and crosswalk will be placed at 14th Street and Broadway Avenue in San Pablo on Friday, Sept. 24, which happens to fall on AC Transit’s fare-free Friday.

In addition, a temporary bus boarding island will be installed to provide more space for passengers to enter and exit and to separate them from bicyclists and traffic.

The Walk & Bike Broadway, which runs from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., is an effort by the city’s Public Works Department to try out “creative ways to make it safer and easier to walk and bicycle on Broadway Avenue,” the city said.

“You will be able to try out a temporary bus stop, bike lane, crosswalk and curb extensions,” the city said.

Such ideas are being studied as part of the city’s ongoing Bicycle and Pedestrian Corridor Study and Safe Routes to School Plan. Broadway Avenue is among eight corridors identified for potential bikeway segments (see graphic below).

Friday’s event will also include opportunities to win a gift card, bicycles, helmets and more. Attendees are asked to wear a face mask.

Graphic courtesy of the City of San Pablo