‘Push-in’ ceremony welcomes new fire truck to San Pablo station

'Push-in' ceremony welcomes new fire truck to San Pablo station
Photos courtesy of Con Fire

The Contra Costa County Fire Protection District (Con Fire) on Wednesday welcomed a brand new fire truck to its fleet with a traditional “push-in” ceremony at Fire Station 70.

During the days of horse-drawn fire apparatus, horses had no “reverse” and so firefighters had to push the apparatus into the bay, according to Con Fire. Keeping with that tradition, city and county officials including firefighters past and present took part in “pushing in” its newest apparatus, Fire Truck 70.

“Truck 70 is already enhancing firefighting capability in West County, responding to a commercial fire some minutes after the push in ceremony,” Con Fire reported. “Among its benefits are not only its 100-foot overhead ladder and extensive complement of on-board rescue gear, but also it’s expanded, four-firefighter crew, which essentially doubles T 70’s ability to safely perform critical tasks at fire and rescue scenes.”