5 San Pablo ‘Dumpster Days’ collect 84.45 tons of trash and debris

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Photo credit: Mike Kinney

San Pablo City Manager Matt Rodriguez on Monday lauded Dumpster Day, one of the city’s myriad programs aiming to keep trash and debris off of San Pablo’s streets, as an effective strategy that will continue in 2021.

In five Dumpster Day events held during a two-and-a-half-month period ending Dec. 12, the city collected 84.45 tons of trash and debris, along with 4.58 tons of metal, Rodriguez reported to City Council on Monday.

“Just wanted to recognize our Public Works Maintenance Division, our corporate yard for doing a fantastic job,” Rodriguez said. “That doesn’t mean we’re stopping there. We’re going to have some more scheduled this first quarter of 2021.”

Dumpster Days allow city residents to discard of unwanted items, with some exceptions. They’re typically held at the old El Portal school site at 2600 Moraga Road (old El Portal school site).

Upcoming Dumpster Day events will be announced shortly on the city’s social media sites and also in the City Manager’s Weekly Reports. The Standard typically reports on each, as well.