East Bay parks restore off-leash dog rules

East Bay parks restore off-leash dog rules
Photo at the Sit and Stay Cafe by Kathy Chouteau.

The East Bay Regional Park District announced today that rules allowing dogs to be off-leash in designated areas have been restored.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March, the Park District has requested that all dogs remain on-leash to maintain social distancing among unrelated park visitors.

The Park District has launched a public information campaign promoting good dog owner behavior with the hope that park goers can remain safe with off-leash rules.

“The return of normal dog rules is a reminder that dog owners need to be responsible and share the parks with others,” said General Manager Robert Doyle. “Dog owners need to bag and bin their dog’s poop, leash their dogs in designated areas, including parking lots, trailheads, and paved trails, and keep their dogs on-leash around cattle and horses. Cattle play an important role in reducing vegetation and fire risks.”

The District added, “When off-leash, dogs must be kept in view and under voice control, and must return to owners when called. Dogs are not under control when they threaten, harass or chase other dogs or wildlife, display threatening behaviors, physically harm other people directly or indirectly by their actions, or touch or jump on park users who have not invited or engaged in interaction with the dog. Failure to control your dog is a violation of the Park District’s Ordinance 38. The harming or harassment of wildlife is also a violation of state and federal law and subject to penalties and fines.”

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