San Pablo police to award turkeys for kind deeds

Chivy Thath and Sophal Sok, owners of the Grocery Outlet in San Pablo, are participating in Project Gobble Gobble, which has police officers awarding turkeys to community members who commit good deeds.

Ahead of Thanksgiving, gratitude is already spreading in San Pablo.

A new program called Project Gobble Gobble has San Pablo police officers handing out gift certificates for free turkeys to people they find have committed an act of kindness, from helping an elderly person cross the street to volunteering at the local food bank.

It’s a great way to recognize acts of kindness and develop bonds between police officers and community members. And there are additional benefits.

1st Nor Cal Credit Union is sponsoring Project Gobble Gobble in partnership with local supermarkets including Grocery Outlet, Palm Halal Market, Las Montanas Supermarket and FoodMaxx. The local credit union will fund 85 turkeys to hand out to community members who perform kind deeds.

“Project Gobble Gobble is a great opportunity for our law enforcement to connect with our community in a meaningful way,” said San Pablo Police Capt. Brian Bubar, who is helping coordinate the program along with the San Pablo EDC. “At the same time, we get to support local businesses and our local grocery stores.”

David Green, CEO of 1st Nor Cal Credit Union (left) and San Pablo Police Capt. Brian Bubar.

1st Nor Cal Credit Union CEO David Green said he’s proud to take part. He said 1st Nor Cal done a similar program with the Martinez Police Department about three decades ago.

“We think food is one of those things people talk about during the holidays. Some people don’t have enough to eat, so this is just a great program,” Green said.

And here’s a fun twist to the new program: if people hand in a certificate and email the EDC a selfie with their new turkey, they will receive a Pablo plushie.

Plushies by the San Pablo EDC.

Indeed, there’s already a lot for which to be thankful.